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Nevada route shields without the state name


[Split this discussion off from the "Nevada state highway 34" thread. Quotes added for context. --roadfro]

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--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on June 15, 2010, 10:13:34 AM ---I've only seen one 8A - are there others?  Then again I've only driven 8A about five miles away from the state line.  I've also never gone down 34, Jungo Road, or any of the other dirt roads in the area.  I've definitely not gone all the way to Vya.

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I've not been out there myself either, but I've seen a few photos from user 'sagebrushgis' on Flickr:
8A eastbound at 34 near Vya
34 northbound at 8A near Vya
8A at the CA state line (this one shows up on Street View at the end of California SR 299, missing the NV state line sign)

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the two 8A's are identical... I wonder if those are county replacements for the state-named variants that preceded them.

the 34 - I cannot tell from the photo, is that a patch over the state name?  If so, that would be an original sign that predated the changeover and was simply patched in a hasty manner.

I'm going to have to get out there at some point!

in general, are the non-state-named shields a formal variant that Nevada uses?  The 8As have no state name, and then there is this style that pops up every so often on what is definitely a state highway.

those 24x30 shields seem to be exclusively in the southern part of the state; at least, I don't remember any north of Vegas.

Not sure about that 34. From what I could tell, it looked like the Nevada text was simply left off of it.

NDOT's sign supplement only shows the design seen in my avatar (although the 'official' version seems to approximate the southern tip with clean lines instead of using the actual jagged shape).  So shields without the 'Nevada' aren't an official variant as far as I'm aware.

Non-state named shields do pop up in other parts of the state, however. The AA Roads Shield Gallery has photos of two nameless SR 225's in Elko.

I'd forgotten about Elko ... now that I think about it, there's one on route 226 or whatever that long road is that goes north to become Idaho 51.

^ That would be SR 225 (Mountain City Hwy).


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