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Oldest Vestigial Signs Posted in the Field for Routes No Longer What is Posted

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So what old signs are hanging around on a road that is no longer what the sign says the road is? 

Max Rockatansky:
Hawaii Route 37 at Old Haleakala Highway:

37HIf by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

There are still signs for KY 1398 along KY 1571 in Estill County. KY 1398 was turned over to the county several years ago but the signs have not been taken down.

Similarly, when new KY 30 was built in Owsley County, the old route was renumbered KY 3536. There are still KY 30 signs along the old route. The new section of KY 30 in Owsley and Jackson counties was renumbered KY 3630. Jackson County has already changed its signs out but Owsley County hasn't, and probably won't for awhile. The two counties are in separate highway districts.

Pretty sure some old KY 15 signs are still up in Whitesburg on its old alignment.  They were there a few years ago during my last visit.

I've noticed several CA 42 shields on Manchester Avenue and Firestone Blvd.


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