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HOV Lanes, Are You For Them or Against?

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They're definitely nice on the weekends on 101. Seems like a lot of the time people ignore them even when they can use them.


--- Quote from: Tomahawkin on February 14, 2009, 08:22:47 PM ---In Some areas they are efficient in others they are not...I find them useful in the Atlanta area, during peak traffic times, especially on the Connector and the NE expressway (I-85 North)...
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The only thing about the HOV lanes is, if you want to exit, you have to fight your way over to the right to exit. There are two HOV-2 exits I-75/85 northbound (Memorial Drive & Piedmont Avenue). There's only one southbound on I-75/85 (Williams Street), if memory serves. They're better served for longer trips.

--- Quote from: Tomahawkin on February 14, 2009, 08:40:33 PM ---They tried doing the double lines in Atlanta, but people cheat all the time, especially during peak hours. The olny way to keep people from cheating is using the Jersey (concrete) barriers...

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Yeah, I agree, the double white lines don't mean anything to some.

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HOV's are the way to go in Los Angeles. However with that stated, I'm for them if they are an addition to the general travel lanes. I am against them if they are a restriping or a reconfiguration, ala Interstate 95 in South Florida.

According to MTO, one HOV lane has the ability to carry as much traffic as 4 general purpose lanes.

For that, and environmental and congestional reasons, I'm for them.  Besides, they are great when there isn't enough room to widen a highway too much.

Do they actually say HOW, Hal? That doesn't make sense to me...


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