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Privitizing public roads

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I saw this today:
Hey, Private Sector, Wanna Buy a Bridge?

It's an interesting thought.  Don't such things already exist as turnpikes on the east coast?  (I've never actually seen one)

Highway 407 in Ontario is North America's longest private road, which is also a toll.

Hmm...never seen it happen here in the Pacific Northwest.


--- Quote ---Hmm...never seen it happen here in the Pacific Northwest.
--- End quote ---

Well, this has mainly happened for facilities that are already tolled.  IIRC There aren't many tolled bridges and no toll roads in Washington state.

I know that not only is Alligator Alley on the verge of privatization, so are a few other Florida routes, including the Sunshine Skyway (Interstate 275/U.S. 19) over Tampa Bay and a portion of the Beachline (Toll Florida 528 - former Beeline) in the Orlando area. At least that was the case as of the end of 2007. Click here for more information on the Alligator Alley lease.

Indeed, it does seem that this privatization is an ever growing trend.  


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