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--- Quote from: US71 on September 25, 2022, 11:12:35 PM ---Knowing how ARDOT works, about the time they finish 6-laning, it will need 8-laning.

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You must drive I-49 between Fayetteville and Rogers often, lol. I said that when they widened it, go for 8 lanes or build the bridges and overpasses to accommodate it later.

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I was shocked that OTA did actually provide for an expansion to 8 lanes when they widened I-44 between Kellyville and Sapulpa. All bridges are already wide enough and all overpasses have piers set back far enough so the future expansion will be a breeze. I say that because maybe there's hope for ArDOT to wake up to this.

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The White River bridge on I-40 is built for 6 lanes even though it's striped currently for 4.  Same thing for 1 of the 2 St. Francis River bridges.  They are waking up, slowly but surely.  These are the greatest hurdles for 6 laning between LR and Memphis, so it's starting to sink in, apparently.


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