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Why is California the only state that has cutout state and US highway shields? I never understood why they don't do that.

I ponder the same question.  I like the cutout style better than the others.

California and places in Virginia are the last holdouts for cutout route markers...

There are isolated cutouts or patches of cutouts in some other States, (Jake was in one small town in Kansas a year or two back and saw a whole street of US 36 cutouts...KDOT obviously hadnt gotten that far in YEARS) but they are far and few in between...

Illinois has one, atleast a few months ago they did.  When I-80/94/U.S. 6 was re built a EB marker for U.S. 6 was a cut out...

I don't have a picture of it, but on westbound I-84/US-26/US-30 near Glenn's Ferry, Idaho, there's a cutout US-26 shield along the line of that US-6 shield.


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