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How do you get the URL of a particular place on Google Street View?

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Maybe it makes a difference whether you're using the JavaScript version or the Flash version of Street View…

Maybe I wasn't using Street View at all?

If you want to embed a Google Maps image, try this between [ img ] tags:,-yy.yyyyyy&size=640x400&zoom=17&maptype=hybrid&sensor=false

- you don't have to use precision up to six digits with the coordinates.
- size is "width x height" in pixels (seems to top out at 640px by 400px)
- zoom: higher number as you get closer to the ground (1=world map projection, 12=city level, 17=street level)
- maptype: hybrid, satellite, terrain, (leaving this off gives you a "standard" map)
- sensor: true or false (doesn't seem to make a difference?) but it must be included

Hope this is helpful to everyone!

Oh wait, there's a "new Google Maps" on the left. My mind simply ignored that as an ad.

This question doesn't seem to be one of them, but many of the shortcomings of StreetView in the new version of Google Maps seem to have been recently addressed in a major update. Specifically, you can now drag Pegman around to the blue highlights from within the StreetView mode...but yeah, I still don't see where you can grab the URL easily, particularly the handy short URL.

(My Places also seems to have returned, which I'm happy about.)


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