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--- Quote from: AlpsROADS on August 26, 2009, 09:06:14 PM ---To anyone reading this (including Dan) -

 [AlpsROADS] 9:03 pm: /status
   [AlpsROADS] 9:03 pm: Total messages: 327
   [AlpsROADS] 9:03 pm: Private messages: 2
   [AlpsROADS] 9:03 pm: Bans: 0
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So we don't know what's going on right now.  If you're still getting a "USER BANNED" message, we'll try to figure it out.

--- End quote ---

I can confirm from the admin side of chat that this is correct.

Roadgeek Adam:
I will host the next Roadtrip one on Wednesday @ 9:00 PM - give it a little spin :D

Roadgeek Adam:
Today is still on, as promised :) 9:00 PM start, will be on time

Roadgeek Adam:
I changed my format around a bit.

We're starting at 9

I will use Dan's style of questions, and some of my own ways but will follow the same basic rules as Dan's


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