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--- Quote from: TheBox on November 08, 2023, 06:06:43 PM ---I know I-14 west of it's current terminus is in a far future but it is worth noting that US-87 between Sterling City and (west of) Eden is a 4-lane divided expressway.

Here there needs to be ones of (again) Eden, Sterling City where it splits from I-27(E), and Garden City; It gets tight around San Angelo and especially Midland (TX-158 is still 4-lane, just undivided).

East of Eden and west Lampasas is 2-lane undivided, 4-lane undivided between said Lampasas and the Super 2 bypass around Copperas Cove.
And that's without mentioning all the other bypasses that'll have to be done.

--- End quote ---

The Super 2 Bypass around Copperas Cove is about to be expanded four lanes divided and expanded west of Copperas Cove for a few miles.


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