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Email Notification Link Issue


The past couple days whenever I click on a link in the email notifications for topic replies I'm taken to the start of the last page of the thread rather than the new post.

Because of how the forum software is set up, if the anchor in the link is just "#new", then if the newest unread post is not on the last page it just takes you to the last page. You just have to manually go back and find it.

It is, but the email link has always been this way.  Has a software update been done recently to cause the change?  It's so annoying that I'm considering turning subscriptions off altogether as they are now virtually useless.

No, the forum's still using the same old (and now IMO outdated) version of SMF, and the links have always done that. It's pretty useful if you check them regularly.

The forum software isn't out of date till 2.0 officially gets released.


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