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I really liked that recent feature where there is a small avatar of either the State route, Interstate, US Shield, or Turnpike marker next to each topic as appropriate for each State or road.  I was even tickled to see my prototype CONN shield used on the avatars for Connecticut-related threads....thanks to the webmasters for that little surprise...

One minor fly in the ointment.....

The CONN prototype has somehow found its way to the West Virginia this fixable?  A minor tweak?  or the script misunderstanding things?


Likely a result of the W. VA topics were given the blank white square, which was replaced with your prototype CT shield, before the blank white squares were state-specific.


Thanks DTP, I thought I had changed that out fully.

Glad you like the message icons John. We are open to adding others for general use on all of the threads. Just let us know what you may like to see.


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