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Update on I-69 Extension in Indiana

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For those of us who were to young to see the boom of the 60's and early 70's Interstate construction. This is a big time treat and somewhat shows us that the US can still build roads and build them in a hurry.


--- Quote from: mukade on June 25, 2011, 06:14:19 PM ---I saw some overpasses, but the planes were still to high to see good details. The only paved area I could clearly see was the section just north of where I-69 terminates at SR 68. All in all, it was just pretty cool to see that so much of this much needed highway is actually being built.
Excuses (but true ones): The drive was the day of the Joplin tornado and my destination was less than 100 miles from there. The weather was very unstable that day in Indiana and so I missed some great shots because of heavy thunderstorms. Around Washington, my wife called so I didn't take a picture there either despite it having cleared up. As for the planes, it didn't even cross my mind that I might see I-69 so all I had was my iPod Touch camera. I will drive down there in August or September on my own time.

These are all I got:

Looking north at current terminus at SR 68 (paved as far as you can see, but not up to SR 168)

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We drove through Evansville on May 27th and checked out the I-69 stub as well:


--- Quote from: Alex on June 26, 2011, 12:41:13 PM ---

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Those outside breakdown lanes are what, two feet wide? What's the deal with that???


--- Quote from: vtk on June 29, 2011, 07:04:24 PM ---
Those outside breakdown lanes are what, two feet wide? What's the deal with that???

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I think the outer breakdown lane is partly concrete and partly asphalt.  it's tough to tell from the contrast, but it looks to me like the width of the concrete is about 2 1/2 lanes, not just 2.

Revive 755:
^ Could be the asphalt shoulder doesn't go to the same depth of the PCC pavement and a later lift has yet to be added.  That wider section of PCC at the bottom of the photo looks odd though.


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