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A chunk of the Maine Turnpike was raised to 70 MPH on Monday, August 11th.

(Jackie Ward in the black and green for the video...she is sweet!)

The Nature Boy:
It'll be interesting to see if NH follows suit after evaluating the safety of this in Maine.

The drive up to Orono just became that much easier!  :clap:

Do I recall correctly that the Maine legislature passed a statute allowing speed limits of up to 75 on any segment of Interstate, such that it's just a case of the authorities deciding not to post anything above 70 except on the segment already posted at 75? Just curious–I haven't been to Maine in a few years and have no basis for commenting on whether or where 75 might be reasonable and I just want to refresh my own recollection on what exactly they allowed.

75 MPH would only work on the stretch north out of Bangor, heading up to Houlton and the New Brunswick border. The main reason for the lower speed limit north of Mile Marker 44 up to Falmouth is due to traffic through the west end of Portland and the fact that much of that section is only two lanes on each side. (Exit 44 at Mile Marker 44 is for I-295 North, which takes you through South Portland and then into downtown Portland.) When they widened the Maine Turnpike a few years ago, the northern end of the project was at Exit 44.


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