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--- Quote from: kramie13 on September 06, 2023, 03:28:21 PM ---So last week I took a trip up to Portland, ME and back.  I've noticed the exit signs along the Maine Turnpike/I-95 have been replaced since I last drove that stretch several years ago.

But why are exits 19, 25, and 32 all signed as "to US 1" now when they previously didn't before?  You now have 8 of the first 9 exits after crossing the NH border referencing US 1 (all but the exit for I-195).  It seems rather weird to me.

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I’m guessing because US-1 is a major artery paralleling the Turnpike with many businesses and attractions, and the state wants to remind folks that those exits can access US-1 relatively easily.

kernals12, Massachusetts member will be...?


--- Quote from: Rothman on September 06, 2023, 07:09:07 PM ---kernals12, Massachusetts member will be...?

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lejlq14 if it's a sequence

5foot14 is already from Massachusetts.;u=14246

Maine Turnpike Approach Road renamed Samantha Smith Way:


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