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What do you feel about NY 17 being redesignated I-86? While i do understand the financial reasons and the fact that it would be an Interstate, but i think many proud New Yorkers like me will be deeply saddened the day that NY 17, one of our best routes, is no longer. What do you think?

I still miss NY 6 (NYC to Rouses Point).

I feel that NY 17 should be to I-86 as NY 7 is to I-88 or US 11 is to I-81. It should be retained as the local parallel route.

I think designating NY 17 to I-86 was a great idea, however I feel the NY 17 designation should be saved or even designated as an "historic" corridor to signify its importance as principal route through the Southern Tier as it passes through Binghamton, Elmira, Corning, Olean and Jamestown.

I would also support returning 17 to its former routing across the state. Take it up 17M, put it on 434, 417, anywhere at all that there's a former routing still under state maintenance, and then route it on I-86 otherwise. I think you get enough mileage off the Interstate to make that viable, and I'm all for consolidating designations.


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