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There is no Nashville thread on here, so I feel now is the time to start one.

Here is an excellent first discussion point:

The accident happened around 3 AM Friday morning, and the tanker truck was carrying a full load of gasoline and diesel which I'm assuming the driver picked up in Nashville to carry down to the southern part of the state to deliver to gas stations.

This stretch of I-65 is being widened from 4 to 8 lanes, and both the original, and part of the replacement, TN 248 bridges over I-65 were damaged beyond repair (though I'm assuming the bridge pier of the replacement will be salvaged).  They will be disassembling both bridges over the weekend and don't expect to be finished until Monday afternoon.

This is already a traffic nightmare, and my suggestion for best alternative route for I-65 through traffic would be TN 840 to I-24.

I am wondering contractually how this will work. TDOT has a contract with Contractor A who has already agreed to certain contract terms, which assumes that the Peytonsville Road bridge over I-65 is open. With the bridge now closed, TDOT will probably want to do an accelerated replacement, but that will require changing the contract terms. Contractor A may balk at the new terms, so they may seek to go with another contractor to do just the bridge.

And yes, this will be a nightmare until the bridge is replaced. If I go to Nashville, it will be US 231 and I-24 for me.

Contractors on projects like this typically do a lot of business with the state, so my guess is they'd be very amenable to a change order. I'm pretty sure Kentucky has had similar situations where a change order was executed due to emergency circumstances.

(8) bridges along I-40/65 in Downtown Nashville to be replaced, starting in June, and finishing up in June 2016.  Will require (13) weekends of complete road closures.

I hope that adequate signage is posted to direct traffic onto TN 155, I-440, and TN 840 during this construction.

TDOT did pretty well with the I-40 SmartFix project in Knoxville, but it also worked better since I-40 was the only route being closed and there was a clear bypass. This time it is both I-40 and I-65, and while there are alternatives for both, you also have to deal with traffic to and from I-24. Without signage posted, you also have the chance of people taking I-65 North to I-24 east to bypass the closed section.


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