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Anyone Else Live in a Dumb City?


Please tell me that im not the only one that lives in a city a stupid as San Angelo, TX? If the city could they would charge people if they pee to much :ded:. San Angelo is uber money-hoging, never invest in anything smart, never plan for the real future(the future for them is next week), spend all our tax money on the all-star Central High School mainly for athletics (the great Central Bobcats football record last year was 0-10 :-D). If it was up to San Angelo , Houston Harte, Sherwood Way, and MANY MANY more roads wouldn't be how they are today(which is good condition). Plus San Angelo is the second highest taxed city in Texas :ded: i mean maybe up in the Panhandle or near Dallas or something but why West Central Texas???? Anyone else have a problem with they're city? Well more like the city council. cause the City of San Angelo is fine just not the Mayor(or lack there of :ded: ), the city council, and SAISD :ded: :ded:. Anyone?

sounds like you're taking it personal  :-/

^^im just annoyed

I don't really have a problem with Oklahoma City's government, or Norman's, really (the Oklahoma County Commissioners are rather sleazy, but the city government is okay). My problem is with how stupid the citizenry can be. I mean, people still ask me what comes in a friggin' combo meal at work. (Don't all fast food places except the taco joints have combo meals consisting of entree+fries+drink?) And I've asked people what they want to drink in said combo meals before, and gotten "ranch dressing" as a response.  :ded: I love it when people don't pay attention...


--- Quote ---I've asked people what they want to drink in said combo meals before, and gotten "ranch dressing" as a response.
--- End quote ---

and you wonder why there's an obesity problem...


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