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Your annual mileage

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I've had my car six years, and have about 119,000 miles on it. So, I'm averaging 19,833.33 miles per year. My Neon was used, having about 10,000 miles or so on it when my dad bought it.

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For the first 7 years I had my 2001 Audi A4, I consistently put on about 30,000 miles per year.  And most of this time, I lived within 2 miles of work.  Of course, it went from Massachusetts to Alaska and back, to Albuqueruque and back 3 times, to Florida several times, to Yellowstone and back, among others.  Things have slowed a bit for the Audi now that we take a different (lower mileage) car on long trips, and I'm only now approaching 228,000 miles in almost 8 1/2 years.


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