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Roadgeek Adam:
How long is it currently in miles? Not just from NY 30 to Natashquan, but including parts signed as Route 138, because I wanted to compare it to I-10 in Texas and US 101 in CA before being truncated? My head is thinking it will become the longest road in one state/province in North America when finished.

Help please?

If you count the additional 425 km, it turns out to be about 1134 miles in length.

Roadgeek Adam:
Jesus, lord. I'd say that takes the cake.

Not quite. Highway 17 in Ontario is 1218 miles, or 1960 kilometers.

Of course, future expansions of Highway 417 will continue to shorten its length.

And this is how QC 138 ends now, as a gravel road at a river crossing.  I wonder how long it is a gravel road for, since I don't think the highway gets much traffic east of Sept-Iles.


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