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Any gravel highways in Canada?

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I'll start this out with the fact that Ontario Hwy 600 is at least partially gravel.  Any others like that in Canada? :coffee:

In every province...too many to mention them all here...

Roadgeek Adam:
Manitoba 280 is gravel all the way from Thompson and PR 391 to PR 290 near Gillam

Many highways in the northern part of Canada are gravel.  Traffic counts are nowhere near high enough to warrant pavement.

The Dempster Highway (Yukon 5/NWT 8) comes to's gravel for virtually its entire length.

The Trans-Labrador Highway also has gravel sections (several extremely poorly maintained) as well.

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In Ontario, all of the primary highways are paved.  Numerous stretches of secondary and tertiary highways, however, are gravel...given their location in the northern part of the province.


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