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US 89:

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--- Quote from: formulanone on August 18, 2022, 12:55:08 PM ---I don't know what that serif font is either, but I'm 80% sure I've seen that same font in the UK in more rural areas.

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Looks similar to the "Privet Drive" sign used in Harry Potter.

Also, these are great photos! It's very cool to learn more roadgeek stuff outside US/Canada.

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Okay, so I went streetviewing a bit and this font appears to be fairly common and widespread across the UK for smaller roads, including in all four constituent countries:

I assume it has a name - would be interested to find out what it is

The Somerset Bridge supposedly has the narrowest drawbridge opening in the world. Middle Road goes over the passage, which is the inlet between Ely's Harbor and Great Sound.

Middle Road, approaching the drawbridge:

A view from the waterfront.

The drawbridge opening is manually-operated. I didn't see any bridge tender there, either. Those "paddles" are cricket bats; the annual Bermuda Cup Match between Somerset and St. George was played two weeks before.

Road Hog:
I'm guessing the bridge attendant has to go out and disconnect the 4 (8?) chains every time.


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