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Which parmigiana do you prefer?

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Eat mor chikin.

I don't eat chicken parm often (I'm a sucker for peppers and sausage if it's on the menu), but we stopped at an Italian restaurant in Strongsville OH a couple weeks ago on our way home from Baltimore and I had theirs.  It was really good (still crispy even with the sauce) and really massive.  I ate the whole thing because I didn't want the car to stink with the leftovers for the rest of the drive. 

Pink Jazz:
I wonder, what does anyone think about parmigiana with a pink Parma Rosa sauce? Parma Rosa sauce is basically a blend of marinara and alfredo (similar to a vodka sauce minus the vodka). I think it would pair well with chicken parmigiana, but not with eggplant or veal. I sometimes have my chicken parmigiana with it.

I like all three, but when it comes to subs I find chicken parm to be the best.


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