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Kroger to buy Albertsons?

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Having just visited a local Shaw’s, which along with Star Market is owned by Albertsons, I can only say that (for now) Kroger buying Albertsons would be a good thing. Besides being more expensive, Star/Shaw’s appear dated and designed for a different era (i.e. before CVS, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, et al got in the grocery business).

Some mergers result in the things you don't like being spread around, rather than the ones you do like.


Here is more on the proposed deal if approved.

Kroger is going to divest 413 Kroger and Albertsons (and affiliated) locations to C&S Wholesale Grocers as part of the merger agreement. C&S is best known as the owners of a Piggly Wiggly franchise in North Carolina, but they also have a history of taking over smaller, failing grocery chains.

WA: 104 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
CA: 66 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
CO: 52 Albertsons Cos. stores
OR: 49 Albertsons Cos. and Kroger stores
TX/LA: 28 Albertsons Cos. stores
AZ: 24 Albertsons Cos. stores
NV: 15 Albertsons Cos. stores
IL: 14 Kroger stores
AK: 14 Albertsons Cos. stores
ID: 13 Albertsons Cos. stores
NM: 12 Albertsons Cos. stores
MT/UT/WY: 12 Albertsons Cos. stores
DC/MD/VA: 10 Harris Teeter stores

I would love to see Piggly Wiggly in the DC Area…….


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