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You might want to create a thread documenting your photos rather than creating a thread for each individual photo. The NM 118/US 66 thread is a good one to repurpose; just rename the title of that OP to "HighWaySignLover013's photos", and you can use that thread for your future postings. Once this is done, a moderator or admin will likely merge this thread with that one. (Don't do it the other way around; when the threads are merged, the title will be determined by the post that was made earlier.)

It's also useful to embed the image onto the forum rather than requiring users to click the link. I don't know whether this is possible on DeviantArt or not, but if it is, you'll probably get more views on this forum by not requiring people to click a link.

Max Rockatansky:
Flickr provides a link which you can add to the forum and will display an image.  So long as you don't plan to have a giant account you ought to be able to create a Flickr account and do what you need here with links for free.

How do I do that?


--- Quote from: HighWaySignLover013 on December 04, 2022, 03:05:41 PM ---How do I do that?

--- End quote ---

I don't know which message you were responding to.

For what I suggested: Click "modify" on your first post in the other thread. Change "Subject" to the new name, then save. The name of the thread as seen in thread lists will change to the new name. You can continue to post your photos in that thread now that it's been repurposed.

Getting a Flickr account should be fairly straightforward if you go their website.


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