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So what got each of you into the world of "roadgeeking"?  At what age did you spark your interest?

I think I got inot it at age 6, taking a trip from Wisconsin to Ohio.  I was amazed at how the same "Highway 94" that ran by my house also went into Chicago, then the biggest city I'd ever seen, and into Indiana, and how one freeway met several, much larger freeways.

As soon as we got home, I remember my dad buying me a road atlas, and I studied it intently, and even drew my own maps (discussed in another topic).  I think I was truly amazed at how somebody could drive from the Atlantic to Pacific without a traffic signal!

It's an interest that stays strong.  After graduating high school, I drove from WI to California with 3 friends, sticking mostly to US highways and trying to avoid Interstates when possible....what an experience.  I even did several college road trips while in my UW Madison days, and my move when I got my job in Portland....another adventure.  To me, hitting the open road and trying new routes is what keeps this interest so strong.

What's your story?

I got into it with a drive to Florida a few years back.

Well, there was a major car fire on I-20 (in Douglas County) a few years back. So, I went on the internet and began looking up different highways, and that's how it started for me.

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When I was much younger, my parents and grandparents would shuttle me by car between Pennsylvania and Florida, and I was more interested in the roads than I was in the stuff I had with me to keep me occupied.  This was in the mid-1970's, when many pieces of I-95 were not complete.

Through my job did I stumble across sites like this one a number of years ago.  Good for finding photos of signs in project areas that are too far away to drive to.

Well, from a very young age I always had an interest in Matchbox cars. I figured that it wouldn't be realistic unless they had some roads to go on, so a long chain of road and sign-related events happened.  Now I'm a full-fledged roadgeek.


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