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I notice these territories (well, not so much Nunavut) have highways going through them with numeric designations.  Does anybody know or have pictures of highway shields from here?  I've never seen a NWT shield, and wasn't sure if they had their own markers or not.  Do any of these regions sign their highways by number?

I had a Nunavut question in my Trivia set.
Nunavut doesn't have a highway system, mostly privately owned.
NWT and Yukon have highway systems, Yukon has a shield but I forget what the shield looked like same with NWT.

Yukon's shield is essentially a Massachusetts style shield with no border and varying color depending on the route number inside, if memory serves me.

A lot of shield assemblies in Yukon/NWT/Nunavut just use the number printed on the sign without any formatting- I'm not sure that NWT/Nunavut actually have a shield

Stephane Dumas:
there a study from 2006 for an highway project linking Manitoba with the Nunavut, mainly the part known as the Keewatin district

I guess the question is, is worth the effort to build a road to Nunavut, will there be enough traffic or will it just be trucks.


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