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My new pics!


Hey guys,

I finally was able to upload some of my pictures from Spring Break in Myrtle Beach.  There were only two highways I really wanted to shoot, and so I only did two.  Most of one of them is up, and that is US 501 South.  I clinched it in SC, but I only have the photos up outside Conway right now.  US 17 North from Charleston to Isle of Palms will come later. Here's the link to the album:

Andy, Alex, and anyone else who runs the AARoads main site, if you would like to use the photos on the site, I'd like that a lot.  If and when you do, just message me to let me know and I'll give you captions for each of the pictures.


What happened to the US 501 shield in Conway?? :-D

What do you mean?

I know what 74/171 means, and that picture was just taken vertically because I was right next to it after a red light.

I uploaded some new photos the US 501 set.  You can check those out now, and next month I'll have the rest of US 501 and US 17 north up to check out!


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