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Maybe I should have waited on that domain name.  My desktop just died.  The motherboard is stuck at the screen that says "press del to enter setup".  It's gonna be another month before I can get another server.  Currently running a down page from my laptop, but there's gonna be nothing but a blank domain this weekend because I'll be visiting family.  I was afraid this would happen.  My desktop is eight years old and the heat it's been generating lately had me worried.  I had hoped it would last long enough to get a replacement.

EDIT: Looks like my power supply decided to get super-picky about outlets the moment my motherboard decided it hated my external hard drive.  Lovely.  Can't wait until I have a desktop that's new enough to fully understand what USB is (mine can boot from USB but classifies all USB storage as an internal hard drive, which I can only assume is the reason why it won't boot with my external attached; to boot from a flash drive, I literally have to go into BIOS and change the hard drive boot order)

I'm finally moving through my photo backlog, starting with 2007 (when I started taking digital road pictures) and moving forward.  If you see any weird formatting it means I just created a state/route and don't have any images for it yet (I didn't think the query performance cost to making it smart enough to deal with updates was worth it; you'd need to join three tables to do it).


--- Quote from: vdeane on June 15, 2013, 12:20:17 AM ---Just got my domain name set up, so I figured I'd announce the website I've been working on.  The photo gallery portion is pretty bare bones right now, but I only just coded that section a couple of days ago.  I hope to work on adding more exit lists and photos soon.

And yes, I allow image hotlinking from AA Roads (but nowhere else).

Note: I only just purchased the domain a couple of hours ago, so if the link doesn't work, just wait a while and try again, as it might not have propagated to your local DNS server yet.

--- End quote ---

I like the beginnings of your site. Looking forward to seeing you add more.

I just updated the photo gallery code to link to a "small" version of each image instead of the full-size one, which should help people with less bandwidth.  Let me know if you want the "back" functionality I introduced there on the rest of the site.

Next exit list plans: US 9, the Taconic, and expanding to Vermont.

May be off topic, but...

I love NY 22 and NY 23. I don't know why, though.

However, they seem to get no mention on your site, despite NY 22 being relatively important, and NY 23 crossing the Hudson River.

(Note: I have not been on either, although I have crossed NY 22 on I-90, NY 23 on I-88, and MA 23 on the Mass Pike.)


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