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King Coal / Tolsia Highway (US 52)

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King Coal Highway / Unsigned Route / Future US 52 at Crum, W.Va. from a few weeks ago. This segment opened circa 2003.

When I first traveled this segment, you were able to drive on the (future) southbound carriageway. It was essentially one lane southbound on the southbound carriageway and one lane southbound on the northbound carriageway, and one lane northbound on the northbound carriageway. The southbound carriageway has since been closed. I'm not sure why this isolated segment was built - it connects nothing to nothing.

Yay elevation modeling.,-82.43096&z=18&t=S

Actually, that's sorta what the access road does. Adventure in suspension-land.

I've been up there but I don't know what I did with the pictures I took.

Maybe S.P. knows more about this segment of highway.

So I searched for Crum bypass and holy crap hicks:


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