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Philippine expressway system

Started by TheStranger, January 05, 2017, 10:39:44 AM

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Here is the route under the Manila Skyway.


The new ramp from Tramo Street (Aurora Boulevard) in Pasay to westbound NAIAX is open now.

What this essentially means:

- Drivers coming from Makati (particularly the Ayala CBD) and the McKinley Hill area near BGC, heading towards the Bay City hotel and casinodistrict  can now skip Skyway/SLEX completely and take EDSA south to the Tramo Flyover, then immediately take the new ramp from southbound Tramo to westbound NAIAX. 

- If there are issues at the NAIAX/Skyway interchange (exacerbated due to tight ramp design), folks from Manila and points north can opt to exit Skyway at Buendia, continue along Osmena/SLEX on the southbound frontage road, then get to EDSA southbound and follow the above.  This also can be a useful bypass to get to CAVITEX without taking C-5, or going through the Mall of Asia area.

- Much longer term: Once CALAX is complete (specifically the unopened western section from CAVITEX south to Silang), this ramp could be part of an alternative Manila-Tagaytay route that bypasses Alabang and Laguna completely, though that may be made redundant if the SALEX underground tunnel plans do happen in the near future.  At the very least, folks coming in from the north edges of the Ayala CBD have future options to go to that tourist area without contending with the high amounts of truck traffic that bog down SLEX.
Chris Sampang


Here is an update on Calax in the South Luzon area.



Per Pinoy Joyride etc.:

The flyover ramp (which actually goes underneath the viaduct) from Skyway northbound to Quirino Avenue westbound in Manila is now open, making access to Malate/Ermita and the Roxas Boulevard tourist district much easier!

When the original ramp to Quirino opened in late 2020/early 2021 it functioned somewhat like a diamond interchange offramp, but eventually was channelized to serve only northbound Quirino, with this flyover taking over what had been an uncontrolled left turn in an awkward multi-way intersection with Osmena Highway.

At 1:25 a stub ramp shows up - if I'm not mistaken, that is the start of a planned future onramp from Quirino northbound to southbound Skyway; as of now traffic from Quirino heading out from Roxas or Taft has to go on Osmena for several miles into the city of Makati to then access Skyway southbound past the Buendia Flyover.

At 1:54, a second stub shows up: this might be for the planned extension of this viaduct west towards a future expressway along the Roxas corridor, the latter of which has been on planning maps for both San Miguel Corporation and MPTC under various project names.
Chris Sampang



Here is an update on Calax gap in the Philippines.

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