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Since KY recently completed an I-69 guardrails project, and apparently has remainder of $51 million to "tweak" I-24 and parkways to interstate-grade in reasonably near future, I thought it might be a good time to start a "Kentucky only" I-69 construction progress thread.

Here's a link to a recent Evansville Courier-Post article regarding both the $51 million funding and the completion of the guardrails project:

Regarding the $51 million funding:

--- Quote ---another big step for the Kentucky portion of I-69 took place this spring when the state legislature included $51 million to "make tweaks to existing parkways within the corridor to conform to federal highway standards" when the project moves forward. In Kentucky, the highway will follow several existing highways, including I-24, the Western Kentucky, Purchase and Pennyrile parkways.

--- End quote ---

Regarding completion of the guardrail project:

--- Quote ---One example of the upgrades is the recent guardrail improvements made to the parkways, Hancock said. The guardrail projects on the Purchase, Western Kentucky and Pennyrile parkways were completed within the last few weeks, ahead of schedule, according to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman, Keith Todd.

--- End quote ---

I wouldn't call this an I-69 project. A similar guardrail project is being done on the Mountain Parkway. They're trying to convert the end treatments to cushioned barriers and get away from the "Texas Twist" that has served in the past as a launching pad for cars that run upon the guardrail ends that are twisted and mounted flush with the ground.

Speaking of the Mountain Parkway will Kentucky ever four lane it to Paintsville?


--- Quote ---"Obviously, our governments understand the important of this interstate project on Western Kentucky and the five states it will include," .... The superhighway is ultimately planned to run 1,250 miles through Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

--- End quote ---
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--- Quote from: ShawnP on September 21, 2010, 09:02:23 PM ---Speaking of the Mountain Parkway will Kentucky ever four lane it to Paintsville?

--- End quote ---

The section from Exit 43 to Exit 46 is being widened now. There's a planning study underway for the section from Exit 57 to Exit 75, and we held a public meeting for it last summer and presented some right of way alternates to the public. It will be a long process, for sure.


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