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International Highways / Re: Philippine expressway syst...
Last post by bing101 - Today at 12:09:42 PM
Here is an update on Calax.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by Sub-Urbanite - Today at 12:02:26 PM
Have we learned nothing in the last 50 years?

Stop. Building. Interstates. Close. To. Or. Through. Communities.

Quote from: Bobby5280 on June 12, 2024, 03:39:21 PM
Quote from: Sub-UrbaniteWhat I see here are a couple of construction packages – maybe three packages – that can be funded one batch at a time from the Legislature. NDOT can go to Carson City in 2025 and ask for $150 million for the first 20 miles to Indian Springs, come back in '27 for the Indian Springs bypass, and then see where they're at in '29 and whether there's support for the segment to Mercury.

Regarding Indian Springs, a bypass isn't necessary. There is enough space for them to upgrade the existing US-95 highway to Interstate standards. Frontage roads are flanking US-95 for a couple of blocks in the brief main part of town. The existing median, which incorporates some left turn lanes, uses a good amount of space. That can be re-used by the freeway main lanes.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Interstate 11 alignment, t...
Last post by Sub-Urbanite - Today at 12:00:59 PM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on June 12, 2024, 06:37:44 PMI find it interesting that while Exit 99 (Snow Mountain) has its exit number signposted, Exit 136 (Mercury Hwy.) does not have its exit number posted in either direction (although it is marked on Google Maps). Probably because Exit 99 is a standard interchange near Las Vegas, while Exit 136 is a podunk, substandard interchange in the middle of nowhere.

The Mercury interchange predates *all* of the exits on US 95 down to Jones Boulevard. When it was built, there were a lot of contractors commuting from Vegas to Mercury daily, so much so that there was even a Park & Ride lot up by the Ann Road crossing.
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by SEWIGuy - Today at 11:43:40 AM
This has probably been the least compelling playoffs in a long time. The three game sevens were duds, and the semis and finals have been very dull series.
Northeast / Re: PA Turnpike News
Last post by MASTERNC - Today at 11:41:10 AM
Hopefully there will be some insight on how the two systems will work during the transition when part of the Turnpike charges by segment and the other based on entry & exit points.  The whole system will change from weight-based pricing to axle-plus-height pricing, even the legacy system, next year.

There is also a note of a "fixed" charge plus segment charge for each gantry.  I'm curious as to whether that adds to an additional toll increase over the normal 4.5-5% annual change.

I imagine the toll increase voted on soon will have more details.
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by ET21 - Today at 11:38:36 AM
This is likely joever, but would be hilarious if Boston blew a 3-0 series lead.
Weather / Re: What's your weather curren...
Last post by ET21 - Today at 11:37:42 AM
Expecting some severe storms later today unless they form too far south. Only our 2nd 90 of the summer season so far yesterday. We'll see if we get #3 today before cooling off tomorrow.
Sports / Re: Former Lakers GM Jerry Wes...
Last post by hbelkins - Today at 11:22:29 AM
Quote from: SP Cook on June 12, 2024, 11:13:33 AM

West has no actual relationship with that part of WV, being from southern Kanawha county and playing in Monongalia county, but someone just decided that the existing 44 should be so signed.  Shame they didn't swap the number for something more geographically appropriate, or at least more significant.

"Zeke from Cabin Creek."

There's a sign memorializing him along the WV Turnpike near the Chelyan exit.
Off-Topic / Re: RIP Michael Summa
Last post by hbelkins - Today at 11:18:17 AM
He sent me a treasure trove of old photo scans from Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee that I had on my old site. And I had the pleasure of meeting him at my Pikeville meet back in October 2013. He had relocated to Blacksburg, Va. then, so it was an easy trip for him to make across US 460 to Pikeville for the meet.

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