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I've heard that the parkways (or at least the LOSP upstate) were constructed with thinner pavement since trucks wouldn't be using them, though I'm not sure if that's the case downstate or with the Ocean Parkway in particular.

I like that the ramp from the GCP to the JRP has been separated from the Van Wyck ramp, but why is Union Tpke. also listed as a destination when it could be on a separate sign (similar to Main Street at the same interchange)? "Brooklyn" is definitely more useful here, especially for traffic coming from the airport. Union can be put on a supplementary sign because most traffic going to either of it's endpoints is going to be using the parkways and local traffic can follow that sign.

A conclusion I've reached over the years is no matter how the engineers choose to sign a given location, there are always several other ways it could have been done.


--- Quote from: roadman65 on August 12, 2022, 11:22:31 PM ---
Why does Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn prohibit Trucks? 

Considering NY Parkways donít allow semis or delivery trucks due to height of the vehicle not able to fit under bridges, Ocean Parkway is not applicable in this rationale. It has no low height bridges.

Itís not even a freeway.
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This is something that quite a lot of people get backwards (understandably): Parkways don't prohibit trucks because they have low bridges; parkways have low bridges because they prohibit trucks.

The Ghostbuster:
Also, the parkways were constructed before the expressways were. I doubt there is much that can be done to raise parkway overpasses and underpasses to Interstate Standard heights, in order to allow trucks to safely pass through.


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