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Stories of interstates

Started by WISFreeways, September 29, 2009, 08:43:51 PM

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Quote from: SSOWorld on October 09, 2009, 05:56:02 PM
I-305 here, not many people know who I am, really.  You would think I would be some freeway in San Diego or Los Angeles?  Nope.  I'm in Sacramento.  But no one would know that since I'm hidden.  I'm actually referred to as Business Loop I-80 or the Capital City Freeway. - at least part of it.  See they wouldn't let me have all of it because they told me it doesn't meet the standards.  I should be I-880.  The current I-880 should be I-180 and that California state route in Fresno should be a different number.  There are other freeways that don't meet standards that have interstate designations, why can't my junior cousin that is linked to me?
Howdy there I am I-505  we are two of three interstates with the I-x05  that have a NorCal location. Initially I was originally born as I-5w connecting from I-5 to  I-80 and when US-50 went to Oakland. Note parts of me became cut up as I-580, I-205 and I-80.  I started out as a bypass around downtown Sacramento and went from Winters,  Vacaville, to Oakland via I-80, from Oakland to Tracy on then US-50.  This is before US-50 met you in Downtown Sacramento.  I am a remainder of I-5w at my core I deal with people from Redding who want to go to the Bay Area and vice versa.


Hello I am I-405 Washington I get mistaken for I-405 Los Angeles but then again in my case the famous people I see are Amazon and Microsoft management heading to their offices. But I get asked the question about seeing celebrities in traffic and I go huh??? But still there is traffic in the Seattle area.


I-180: "Look Mom, I'm an interstate."
I-290   I-294   I-55   (I-74)   (I-72)   I-40   I-30   US-59   US-190   TX-30   TX-6


I am I-405 San Diego Freeway in the Los Angeles area I am the butt of jokes for most jammed freeway in North America. However, I have been tied with ON-401 the most jammed road in Canada, I-610 In Houston and I-95 for most jammed freeway in the USA.

Hello I-605 here I have the strangest control cities on my route it's Thru Traffic. However I am really going from Seal Beach to Duarte. I am near the industrial areas of Los Angeles County along this route.

Hello I am I-105 I go from the i-605 to I-405 my siblings but I don't see my parent I-5 in the Southland. Yes I was CA-42 when I was considered but then again at least I am turning 30 soon.

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