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UPDATED: Avatars - Size Limit changes


The size limits have been changed for avatars.

However, this only applies to avatars that are uploaded to the AARoads server.  The new size restriction is width: 150px, height: 80px.

For avatars that are hosted elsewhere and linked to the forums, the size limit remains 65x65.  This is because if we increase the size - the forum software will resize it - meaning that if a 50x50 image is linked is stretched to 65x65 or if a 65x80 image is linked, it is distorted by the shrinking of the width.  If we turned off the auto-sizing, very large images will show in their full size and cause unnecessary stretching of forum posts.  Therefore, at this time - we will not be changing the size limits for externally linked avatars.

Users are more than welcome to upload their avatars to the AARoads server.  Please keep avatars within the size limit.


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