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Looking for "Don't Miss It" Suggestions for Roadtrip

Started by US71, February 14, 2010, 01:28:56 PM

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It's almost time for my yearly trek to Hattiesburg, MS.  My tentative routing is I-40 to Little Rock, then US 65 to Lake Village and US 82 into Mississippi.
I am hoping for some final photos of the old Greenville bridge over the
MIssissippi River (the new bridge opens this Spring and the old bridge will be
demolished shortly after).

From there, I'm planning to head east along US 82 either to US 49E or possibly all the way to US 51 at Winona, then south to Jackson. Time permitting, I'll probably explore the old alignments of US 49 between Jackson and Hattiesburg.

My return trip will likely be US 11 to US 90 then west to Lafayette then looking for old US 167 between Lafayette and Alexandria.  From Alexandria, I hope to head north on US 71 towards Shreveport. North of Shreveport, I'll be attempting to document future I-49 on its trek towards Arkansas.

Any "must see"/ "don't miss it" suggestions along this trajectory (old bridges, old alignments, etc)?

Many thanks!  :coffee:
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