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Has anyone seen a map that shows Interstate 178 in Allentown besides the New Jersey page of the Rand McNally atlases in the 1960s?

PennDOT/PennDOH maps never showed the alignment, even the mid-1960s editions where they showed all future alignments.  However, it did have an exit list in the margins, but of course it was blank.

My apologies for my responses to Alex's questions being too dull.

Since I didn't see them listed, I guess 95 and 99 would stay put.

Express E-ZPass coming to I-80, I-78 bridges

Associated Press - September 23, 2009

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. – Express E-ZPass lanes will be constructed on the I-80 and I-78 bridges over the Delaware River.

E-ZPass motorists can pay tolls at higher speeds on their way to Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains and Lehigh Valley.

The I-80 bridge carried an average of 53,900 vehicles per day last year. There were an average of 56,100 vehicles a day last year on the I-78 span.

Western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are among the fastest-growing areas in the region. Traffic at the toll plazas can come to a standstill in the summer.

The express lanes are expected to be in place by Memorial Day next year.

PennDOT Reduces Number of Deteriorating Bridges


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