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Vacation drive Central OH to Destin area

Started by Crowbar, June 07, 2023, 12:31:25 PM

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Heading out early next Saturday morning on vacation.  Trying to avoid traffic as much as possible (duh), and every year we end up in traffic in Nashville and between Birmingham/Montgomery (which is usually a parking lot).  Any thoughts of driving to Atlanta (actually around the west belt), heading toward Columbus, then taking US431/231 down to I-10?  It's about 40 miles longer and I know that it takes you through towns like Eufaula, Dothan, and Chipley, but if traffic isn't bad then it certainly will be worthwhile.  I know that route is the main route from the Atlanta area down toward the PCB/Destin stretch, so my main concern is how heavy traffic is on a Saturday afternoon on 431/231 from Columbus down toward I-10.

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