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Construction begins on South Greenville, MS freeway

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The new US 82 bypass will run from Greenville's new MS river bridge to present-day 82 near Leland.  Grading and draining is now underway between the bridge and MS Hwy 1, and this segment apparently will include a couple cloverleaf interchanges.

Here's the relevant section of the poorly-written MDOT press release:

Highway 82 bypass in Washington County - This is the first stage of a four stage project to construct a by-pass from the Mississippi River to Leland in Washington County.  This project swings south of Greenville and is the grade, drain and bridge portion of the first project which stretches from the Mississippi River to Highway 1.  This particular project consists of bridges at Highway 454, Wilcox Road, Redman Road, Main Extended, and Highway 1.  It will contain two clover leaf interchanges at Highway 454 and Highway 1.  When completed, the Highway 82 by-pass will be a four-lane facility which will take most of the truck traffic out of Greenville by providing a corridor for those trucks to travel from Highway 61 to the newly constructed Mississippi River Bridge.  This will help with traffic congestion on the undivided section of Highway 82 in the urban areas of Greenville.  This project was awarded to Tanner Construction Company, Inc. at a cost of $32,418,017 and the project is approximately 70% complete.

I find that interesting considering that both the 1996 FONSI and the 2004 and 2008 re-evaluations showed standard diamond interchanges.

Based on NAIP aerials, MS 454 is definitely a diamond and MS 1 is probably one.


US 82 Bypass at MS 454 July 2010

Didn't have a chance to check out MS 1

Maybe I just don't know what to look for, but I can't tell what type of interchange is being built from that picture. 

I remember thinking when I first read the press release I quoted above how odd it was to build a cloverleaf on this bypass anywhere other than, maybe, at MS 1.  But this state has a history of building them at what I would consider odd places, so I wasn't incredulous.  Two other examples right on US 82 would be the ones at Leland and Greenwood.  There are other places along that highway where I think a cloverleaf might have made more sense than at those two spots.


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