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(Thanks for the sticky.)
The following are sources for official state map scans, many on the DOT websites:
*Alabama: (also 1927 and county maps)
*Arizona: (starting on p. 139)
*Arkansas: (also 1936 and other county maps)
*Connecticut: (assorted years)
*Florida: (state maps), (county maps) (also - better-quality but some counties are missing)
*Georgia: ("Archive Maps" of state, counties, and cities), (county maps - choose "Historic GDOT County Maps" in layers)
*Idaho: (reasonable selection back to 1947), (county maps back to 1962), (traffic flow maps back to 1959)
*Illinois: (Silverlight); (alternate presentation)
*Indiana: ; (1917-1932); back sides (zoomable) at
*Kansas: (county maps)
*Kentucky: (state and county maps); (1950 county maps); (1930; incomplete)
*Louisiana: (every 15 years); (some old parish maps)
*Maryland (scans provided by MDSHA):
*Michigan: (search for highway map)
*Missouri: (also 1923, 1924)
*Montana: and (also is a little blurry but has a few that aren't on the MDT site; may also have a few more)
*Nebraska: (only five editions available)
*Nevada: (state and county maps) (also 1971 quad maps) (better quality state maps)
*New Mexico: (choose NMDOT/Historic Maps on the left)
*North Carolina: (also county maps) (other state and county maps)
*Oklahoma: (also traffic count maps); (county maps)
*Oregon: (1918-1960, internal maps showing highway numbers only) (also 1961-1979, 1980-1999, 2001-2005, and a detailed history of the highways)
*Pennsylvania: (state maps); (county maps)
*South Carolina: (county maps)
*Texas: (state and county maps; check 'image' and search for 'highway', and note that the zip files include all pages);
*Vermont: (mostly county and town maps); also and
*Virginia: (1936 county maps)
*Washington: (only a few years available; choose 'highway' in the second dropdown); (1944-1956)
*West Virginia: (the interface really sucks but there are a bunch from the early 1920s and assorted ones after that)
*Wisconsin: (through 1939; search for 'highway commission')
*Wyoming: (state and county maps; search for 'highway')

*Manitoba (lol Canada):

Many states: 1930s county maps from the 1940 census

standalone SID viewer

Thanks for posting this, this looks like a great bunch of material to look at.  You're probably going to keep me from getting some yard work done today!

Your link to the detailed highway history of Oregon doesn't work, though.  Here's the correct link:

Add Minnesota to the list:

Mn/DOT scanned their archives (minus two editions) for the Minnesota Digital Library. If I ever get around to playing in an image editor to stitch the two files together, I have most of the old Michigan maps in electronic form that were scanned by the Library of Michigan. (The maps were larger than the drum scanner, so they had to get them to me in two passes each.) I can legally put pre-1958 online since the Michigan State Highway Department didn't copyright their maps before that year.)


--- Quote from: xonhulu on August 12, 2011, 04:39:13 PM ---Your link to the detailed highway history of Oregon doesn't work, though.  Here's the correct link:

--- End quote ---
My link was fine, but the forum software borks FTP links. It may be an older version anyway; changing to yours.

J N Winkler:
Actually, it seems the forum software (now?) handles FTP links, but they have to be identified using a FTP tag instead of the URL tag despite the fact that both HTTP and FTP locators are URLs.


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