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Revive 755:
Recent news article mainly regarding the MoDOT director wanting truck lanes for I-70 and I-44, and mention of the Bella Vista bypass for I-49:

Regarding the truck lanes:  First the math seems to be faulty, as the SEIS indicates at least a 16.6666% increase to a 33.33333% increase for the truck lanes.  There's no funds to rebuild I-70 either way, so I'd like to see where they are going to get funds for I-44.  Then how many useful projects like upgrading US 71 to interstate standards will be pushed back to fund only these two corridors?

Revive 755:
Article today regarding MoDOT not accepting two roads in Pulaski County into the state system:

Map of the area:,+pulaski+county,+mo&sll=37.878105,-92.458191&sspn=0.062328,0.175781&ie=UTF8&ll=37.916305,-92.135296&spn=0.029726,0.087891&z=14

Part of these two roads - between Rte Y and Rte O - look like a logical addition to the system.

In regards to the truck lanes, I think that this is a great idea, especially for I-70.  I-70 is a huge cross-country corridor, and the truck lanes would help out all the travellers along the stretch in Missouri, given that it connects KC and STL.  I think it would be good for I-44, especially in St. Louis metro to alleviate whatever traffic problems occur. 

Well, Missouri has already shrunk the lanes of I-70 and I-44 in St. Louis to squeeze in another lane making it harder for trucks to avoid cars. They should do what Atlanta and Birmingham does and restrict trucks from entering inside the loop.

As for truck only lanes, it's a bogus idea that is absurdly costly. Just add a third lane the entire way. Entirely cheaper, and adds capacity for all vehicles.


Sykotyk, I've only seen something like this on the NJ Turnpike.  They have cars only lanes, which seem to run efficiently enough for the NJ Turnpike.  Maybe it's not the most cost-effective way, but there is the probability that it would work.


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