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Hello from Krasnoyarsk, Russia!

Started by BuildTheRussian, October 25, 2021, 07:43:50 AM

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Hello everyone. I am a Russian from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, who's originally interested in railroads from a young age. I grew up next to a railroad track, so that might be one of the reasons I'm into that.
Ever since I was a preteen, I started to find road signs and design in general fascinating. That led me to reading a lot about my country's Road Rules, and now I remember it almost entirely. I bet if I took a driving theory test tomorrow, I'd pass it first time, lol.
I also have a keen interest in American and British roads, and honestly they look a bit better than the roads here, probably because they don't get as much snow as we do.
As much as there are things I hate about American roads (such as the overabundance of STOP signs where visibility is clear), there are also plenty of good things about them.

One of my favourite pastimes is following roads on Google Street View, and sharing interesting locations with my friends. That is also another reason I chose to join this forum, so I could share these locations.

Thank you all for reading this. That is all for now. 



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Welcome from Northern Colorado (US)!



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