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Westside Parkway & Centennial Corridor (CA 58 realignment, Bakersfield)

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Local news report holds out hope the Centennial Corridor will be completed by the end of the year, maybe even by Christmas. Or maybe not.


--- Quote from: oscar on December 05, 2023, 11:36:36 PM ---Local news report holds out hope the Centennial Corridor will be completed by the end of the year, maybe even by Christmas. Or maybe not.

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It looks like the most recent SentinelHub images from there a few days ago have cleared out most of the construction equipment, I wouldn't be surprised if it was going to open in the next few weeks.

The Ghostbuster:
It looks like CA 58 signage along Hageman Rd and Rosedale Hwy. was almost non-existent before CA 58 was moved to Stockdale Hwy. and the Westside Parkway. Except for one lone reassurance shield just east of CA 43 on Rosedale, and one just west of 43 on Hageman, the only indications that the roadways were part of CA 58 were Route 58 signs attached to traffic signal poles. Is this the norm for non-freeway highways on California?

I find the West Beltway interesting, since I feel that a loop highway (with two or three more sides added to it) would be nice for Bakersfield in the off chance that I-40 gets extended west from Barstow. I, for one, find it hard to believe that no such highways exist in CA. The closest to one would be the I-280/I-680/I-880 around the Bay, and even that's just a 3/4 loop at best.


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--- Quote from: Concrete Bob on September 12, 2023, 09:19:42 PM ---The right of way heading directly north and south of Stockdale Highway is for an extension of Rudd Road.  Rudd Road is planned to run from 7th Standard Road in the North to SR 119 in the south.  The road will be constructed to either expressway or freeway standards.  Ultimately, the expressway/freeway is slated to run from SR 99 in the north to I-5 on the south end. I believe it will be known as the West Beltway. 

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Doing a quick search, I found this:

There's also this from 2016:

* West Beltway (7th Standard Road to Highway 119): Route adoption complete.

Construction dependent on future development and funding.

There's also this listing:

The potential of the West Beltway highway alignment with an interchange on the corner at Rosedale Hwy located in the blooming Rosedale CA is immense. This project will open up a new corridor of development opportunities for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. The new highway will provide a direct connection to the nearby cities of Bakersfield and Fresno, as well as other major cities in the Central Valley. Additionally, the interchange will provide easy access to the local businesses and attractions in Rosedale.

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Such a highway would be nice.  Basically a straight line connection btwn 5 and 99 to connect LA to Fresno without going through cenral Bakersfield.

When built, Fresno should not be signed at 5/99 so that traffic to Fresno from 5 could take the West Beltway instead.

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Not CA 43?  or CA 41?  or 269 to 145 to 180?


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