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How the work is split / who maintains what regions (CHM/TravelMapping)

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ISTR some discussion here on AARoads about who maintained what regions, and what was up for grabs without having Tim (or others) as active collaborators anymore. I couldn't find it straight away, and don't relish the idea of looking thru pages & pages of posts with no good search terms coming to mind. (Maybe it was in the tech/design/implementation, hwy data, or staus threads. Or maybe not...) Anyone know where to find those posts, or have a link?


There is that; I was looking for discussion here on AARoads specifically.

The wiki is of course the best place to have the "official" word of who-has-what.

Made this a sticky so people can find this info with ease. ;)

english si:
Here's a summary

AK Alaska - Oscar
AL Alabama - froggie
AR Arkansas - yakra
AZ Arizona - Nick
CA California - Oscar
CO Colorado - Si
CT Connecticut - yakra
DC District of Columbia -
DE Delaware -
FL Florida - rickmastfan67
GA Georgia - rickmastfan67
HI Hawaii - Oscar
IA Iowa - Jeff
ID Idaho - Si
IL Illinois - Jeff
IN Indiana - Si
KS Kansas - yakra
KY Kentucky -
LA Lousiana -
MA Massachusetts - Jim
MD Maryland -
ME Maine - yakra
MI Michigan - dfilpus
MN Minnesota - froggie
MO Missouri - jeffm
MS Mississippi - froggie
MT Montana - Si
NC North Carolina - dfilpus
ND North Dakota - yakra
NE Nebraska - yakra
NH New Hampshire - yakra
NJ New Jersey -
NM New Mexico - Jim
NV Nevada - Nick
NY New York - Jim
OH Ohio - dfilpus
OK Oklahoma - yakra
OR Oregon - Bickendan
PA Pennsylvania -
PR Puerto Rico - Si
RI Rhode Island - yakra
SC South Carolina - rickmastfan67
SD South Dakota - jeffm
TN Tennessee - rickmastfan67
TX Texas - yakra
UT - Nick
VA Virginia - Dave
VI Virgin Islands - Si
VT Vermont - froggie
WA Washington - Dave
WI Wisconsin - jeffm
WV West Virginia - James
WY Wyoming - Si

AB Alberta - yakra
BC British Colombia - Oscar
MB Manitoba - yakra
NB New Brunswick - yakra
NL Newfoundland and Labrador - yakra
NS Nova Scotia - yakra
NT Northwest Territories - Oscar
NU Nunavut - not needed, no highways
ON Ontario - rickmastfan67
PE Prince Edward Island - yakra
QC Quebec -  Oscar
SK Saskatchewan - Oscar
YK Yukon - Oscar
Elsewhere - Si


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