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Hello all!

I am creating a database of all the old CAA fingerboards signs remaining in Alberta.  These are relics and there are not too many left.  I'll be showing my pics of the ones I have found so far and where they are.  Post your own photos here so we can complete the database!  Many of these signs have fingers broken off of them, so we may never know their full extent, but still it is important to see them as we find them and to preserve their image.

All photos are taken by me.  All information on broken and missing fingerboards found using the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) database, converted onto a map by me.


Rge. Rd. 43 & Twp. Rd. 354 (The Crammond Road), Red Deer County:
N to Hwy. 54
N to Innisfail
E to Kevisville
S to the Garrington Bridge
W to Burnstick Lake (broken)
W to Crammond (broken)

Hwy. 761 & Twp. Rd. 400 (The Rainy Creek Road), Clearwater County:
E to Withrow

Rge. Rd. 45 (The B & B Trail) & Twp Rd. 442 (The Iola Road), Ponoka County:
S on the B & B Trail

Rge. Rd. 43 (The Wall Street Road) & Twp. Rd. 380 (The Evergreen Road), Clearwater County:
W to Evergreen

Hwy. 584 & Rge. Rd. 72A (The Burnstick Lake/Bearberry Road), Mountain View County:
N to Burnstick Lake
N to Caroline
S to Sundre
W to the James River Ranger Station
W to Bearberry

Rge. Rd. 43 (The Blindman River Road) & Twp. Rd. 442 (The Iola Road), Ponoka County:
N on the Blindman River Road
E on the Iola Road (broken)
S on the Blindman River Road
W to Blindman River Community Hall
W on the Iola Road (broken)

Also, I'll make a note of another type of fingerboard sign that I have come across.  I have only found these in the Special Areas so far.

Rge. Rd. 132 & Twp. Rd. 231, Special Area №2:
N to Cessford
S to Jenner

Hwy. 564 & Hwy. 848, Wheatland County:
E to Dorothy (broken)
S to Hwy. 561
S to Bassano
W to East Coulee (broken)

Rge. Rd. 43 & Hwy. 587, Red Deer County:
N to Hwy. 54 (half broken)
E to Bowden

Hwy. 22 (The Cowboy Trail) & Twp. Rd. 312 (The Elkton Road), Mountain View County:
E to Didsbury (broken)
S to Cremona
S to Cochrane

i wasn't aware of such signs in Alberta.  (Though, to be honest, I don't really know that much about signs in general in Alberta).

In Ontario, there were similar street signs erected by Toronto newspapers to aid deliveries to the rural communities that comprise southern Ontario.


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