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State routes created with "useless" overlaps to give a corridor one number

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Hot Rod Hootenanny:
I need one of the Louisiana natives to comfirm (or debunk) this, but La 10 appears to be an obvious answer.

I thought you were coming here to mention Ohio's SR 1 (1950s-). I'm not seeing LA 10 being this way - it still goes from Pickering to the state line near Bogalusa, right? It doesn't have any long overlaps, and none at either end - it's just a long route like LA 1 that's not much of a through corridor but a collection of end-to-end routes joined by short overlaps.

I will just add to Revive 755 that Illinois wanted a route for drivers who want to avoid the 1-80 and 1-55 truckways . The tollway liked the idea too of course.
I would have liked Illinois 88 better as well. I dont know wht IA and MO picked 27 . It is out of grid for a fantasy future interstate.
I like the fictional interstate idea of making it I-43 too but that will remain  fictional.
I never thought I would be so strongly supporting the idea of the Quincy Highway committee.

How about DE 404 overlapping US 9 in Delaware? 

WV 55.


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