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Author Topic: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements  (Read 9665 times)

J N Winkler

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Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« on: November 05, 2010, 05:45:47 AM »

Last April, Caltrans carried out a major change in its advertising procedures.  Instead of uploading plans plotted directly to PDF from CAD in PDF format and packing TIFF plansheets in downloadable zip archives, all construction plans sets are now in PDF format (whether plotted or raster) and Caltrans no longer sells paper plans to interested bidders.  As a result, I have had to change my procedures for extracting sign design sheets--formerly I winnowed out the uninteresting contracts before downloading by clicking on the title plan sheets (in TIFF format) and studying the sheet list.  Now I download everything and run a logger while I examine plan sheets.

This list of interesting contracts goes back to April 2010 for all Caltrans projects (and even further back for Caltrans projects which were initially distributed as plotted PDF).  In the case of Caltrans, though not other agencies, I consider a sheet from the signing plans to be a pattern-accurate sign design sheet if it has a pattern-accurate representation of a sign.  This includes sign layout sheets as well as sign detail and sign elevation sheets.  My estimate is that sign layout sheets form no more than about 30% of the total (243 sheets at this writing).

Contract NumberDescription of workNo. pattern-accurate sign design sheets
01-3986u4Calif. 53 resurfacing near Clearlake6
01-472904Calif. 1 slope correction near Westport1
01-495504US 101 rumble strip near Legget1
02-0e2004Calif. 36 resurfacing near Susanville1
02-0e5304Calif. 99 surface reconditioning in Los Molinos1
02-1e0804US 97 resurfacing near MacDoel1
02-1e2104Calif. 299 curve widening near Helena1
02-1e4604Calif. 36 intersection improvement in Susanville3
02-1e4804Calif. 299 signal in Redding2
02-2c4504I-5 overlay near Pollard Flat14
02-2c4604Calif. 139 resurfacing near Oregon state line8
02-2e9704I-5 guardrail retrofit in District 21
02-373104Calif. 70 Spanish Creek bridge replacement1
02-3e0004I-5 resurfacing near Mount Shasta2
02-4c0104US 97 resurfacing in Dorris4
03-0f5904I-5 pavement reconditioning in Elk Grove27
03-0f6404Calif. 162 resurfacing near Oroville2
03-1a73u4US 50 resurfacing in South Lake Tahoe6
03-1c12u4US 50 shoulder extension in Sacramento1
03-1e6704Calif. 99 resurfacing in Elk Grove1
03-1f4604Calif. 70 resurfacing near Marysville4
03-1f4704Calif. 20 resurfacing near Yuba City2
03-3c8904I-5 resurfacing in Yolo and Colusa Cos.4
03-3e3904Calif. 99 resurfacing in Elk Grove8
03-4e3404I-5 and Business 80 sign replacement in Sacramento3
04-174414Calif. 84 reconditioning in Union City1
04-447904Calif. 238 pavement repair in Niles3
05-0161e4US 101 widening near Salinas10
05-0n0604US 101 cold planing in Pismo Beach2
06-0e9704Calif. 41 ramp metering in Fresno2
06-0g9304Intersection improvements in Tulare Co.1
06-0g9504Calif. 63 signal improvements in Visalia1
06-0j3304Calif. 46 signal improvement in Lost Hills1
06-0k4704Calif. 178 signal in Ridgecrest1
06-0k8904I-5 concrete slab replacement near Bakersfield1
06-324504Calif. 99 repaving in Kingsburg24
06-460604I-5 resurfacing in Fort Tejon2
07-184104I-5 median barrier replacement at East LA Interchange1
07-199634US 101 minor widening in Sherman Oaks5
07-251504US 101 resurfacing in thousand oaks1
07-4y4404US 101 sign replacement in Sherman Oaks1
08-0h9304I-10 sign replacement in Redlands18
08-0j8804I-10 joint seal work in San Bernardino3
08-0m3304Pavement repair in District 81
08-0n3004Calif. 60 median barrier replacement in Moreno Valley5
08-378704Calif. 62 Colorado River bridge replacement1
08-478604Calif. 86S Airport Blvd. interchange in Coachella1
09-345104Calif. 168 resurfacing near Bishop1
10-0n4404Calif. 108 intersection improvement near Riverbank1
10-0n9804Calif. 26 signal improvement in Stockton1
10-0q3704Calif. 4 rumble strip near Holt1
10-279804Calif. 165 intersection improvements near Los Banos5
10-379304Calif. 12 slope flattening in Calaveras Co.3
11-089754I-805 La Jolla Village Drive interchange in San Diego5
11-167894Calif. 78 expressway near Brawley19
11-236404I-8 resurfacing near El Cajon2
11-274904Calif. 78 cold planing in San Diego4
11-286604I-8 stadium access rearrangement in San Diego3
11-295604Calif. 86 signal improvement in El Centro1
12-0e2504Calif. 55 ramp revision in Santa Ana2
12-0e5704I-5 ramp revision in San Juan Capistrano1
12-0h5504I-5 sign replacement at Orange Crush2
12-0k5804Reconditioning at Calif. 22 and Calif. 55 interchange1
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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 06:39:02 AM »

I'm assuming all the resurfacings and repavings along CA-99 is all part of the push to eventually have it part of the Interstate system. Similar to any improvements made along CA-58.

J N Winkler

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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2012, 11:03:55 AM »

I don't usually resurrect topics that have been dead as long as this one has, but I have a change to report and it seems redundant to create a new thread for it.

As of the last Attachment A, Caltrans has changed the way plans, specifications, and supplementary materials are filed under /project_ads_addenda/ on the Web server.  The old system was to have one folder for each contract with the following subfolders:

/pdf/ --this contained the specifications ("sp" extension) and, where applicable, the federal wage rate determinations ("fw" extension)

/plans/as_advertised/ --this contained the construction plans (originally in TIFF format, with typically the entire plans set as a set of TIFF files plus a ZIP archive containing all the TIFFs; after April 2010, in PDF format with the plans set broken into sheet sets of usually 100 sheets each)

In the last couple of years, Caltrans has migrated from using the /project_ads_addenda/ folders from an alternative to paper distribution to using it as the sole source for contract documentation.  As part of this initiative, Caltrans has also started uploading Information Handouts ("IH" extension, usually containing permits, soil and hydrographic surveys, and the like) and cross-sections (usually an "XS" extension), which I think were formerly available only by contacting the duty senior at the relevant district, as well as select DGN and DWG files.

As of Tuesday, September 4, each newly advertised contract continues to have its own folder, but the new child folder structure is as follows:

/plans and specs/ -- Specifications, federal wage rate determinations, etc.

/plans and specs/plans/ -- The actual construction plans

/supplemental proj info/ -- The new types of documentation now being uploaded, including information handouts, cross-sections, etc.

This change has prompted me to write a wrapper around wget to automate acquisition of plans.  The new script I have written (which depends on GnuWin ports of sed and wget being available in the Windows path) downloads Attachment A, drills down through the project folders, generates a list of URLs, and then passes them to eight instances of a separate "download engine" script for concurrent downloading and filing.  Since this script can be run multiple times in a week and will block out URLs that have already been downloaded unless they were last downloaded more than a month ago, I am now better able to handle late uploads (usually the files are all in the appropriate folders by the time a new instance of Attachment A goes live at 9 AM Pacific time every Monday, but on rare occasions uploads aren't finished until the late afternoon), midweek advertisements (such as a major District 7 contract about a year ago which wasn't added to Attachment A until Thursday), and repeat advertisements.

I generated an up-to-date report of Caltrans contracts with pattern-accurate signing.  Unfortunately I cannot include the complete list in this post since it is comfortably in excess of the 20,000-character maximum for posts on this forum.  However, the current total count of sheets with pattern-accurate signing is 1462.
"It is necessary to spend a hundred lire now to save a thousand lire later."--Piero Puricelli, explaining the need for a first-class road system to Benito Mussolini


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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2012, 06:39:58 PM »

I generated an up-to-date report of Caltrans contracts with pattern-accurate signing.  Unfortunately I cannot include the complete list in this post since it is comfortably in excess of the 20,000-character maximum for posts on this forum.  However, the current total count of sheets with pattern-accurate signing is 1462.

I didn't even know we had a 20,000 character maximum. I'll take your word for it though; as Steve might say, if anyone would know the limit, it would be you.
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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2012, 08:01:38 PM »

Someone fucked up. I tried posting a message of exactly 20000 characters and it said it was too long. (19999 also gave the error.)

The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (20000 characters).
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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2012, 01:31:59 AM »

Someone fucked up. I tried posting a message of exactly 20000 characters and it said it was too long. (19999 also gave the error.)

The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (20000 characters).
I just successfully posted an exactly 20,000 character message, and it tripped the warning at 20,001. Remember that newlines are also characters.

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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2012, 10:45:13 AM »

After all this palaver about the 20,000-character limit--which I discovered entirely by accident when I cut and pasted the updated list into my last post, clicked Submit, and the system rejected it--I think we might want a payoff of some kind.  So, instead of attempting to post the whole list again, I wrote an additional batch file to remove the entries that had already been posted upthread.  The original list went back all the way to the start of records in April 2010 and was 23 KB in size; the earlier list, which had been generated in November 2010, was just 6 KB in size, so 23 KB - 6 KB = 17 KB should post successfully.

Here goes nothing!

Contract NumberDescription of workNo. pattern-accurate sign design sheets
01-262004US 101 Willits bypass19
01-477704US 101 roadway repairs near Empire Camp rest area1
02-0e4004I-5 Castella vista point repaving1
02-1e10u4Calif. 299 curve straightening near Redding2
02-1e2404Highway advisory radio on Calif. 36 and Calif. 89 in Plumas County5
02-1e4704Traffic radio sign installation near Susanville1
02-1e5804Calif. 299 shoulder widening near Adin1
02-1e8204Calif. 36 turnouts near Mineral1
02-2c2224Calif. 299 bridge replacement in Burney1
02-2c8104Calif. 299 resurfacing near Montgomery Creek3
02-2c9504Calif. 96 drainage improvement in Siskiyou County1
02-2c9904Calif. 3 Trinity Creek bridge replacement1
02-2e2004Calif. 299 curve improvement near Burnt Ranch1
02-2e2904Calif. 96 bridge approach slab replacements in Siskiyou Co.1
02-2e3204I-5 median barrier between Redding and Oregon1
02-2e3404State highway bridge maintenance in Shasta Co.1
02-2e5104Calif. 299 curve straightening west of Redding3
02-2e6404Calif. 36 pavement repair near Red Bluff1
02-2e6504I-5 resurfacing in Redding1
02-2e6604Calif. 44 and Calif. 299 resurfacing1
02-2e6704US 97 repaving near Weaverville1
02-2e6904I-5 resurfacing and rumble strips near Edgewood4
02-374304Calif. 299 bridge replacement in Trinity County2
02-3e0104Calif. 36 resurfacing near Susanville1
02-3e0404Calif. 161 maintenance at Oregon state line1
02-3e0504Calif. 147 resurfacing in Lassen Co.1
02-3e6004Calif. 44 and Calif. 273 intersection improvements in Redding9
02-3e6104District 2 bridge guardrail refurbishment1
02-3e6404I-5 cold planing in Shasta and Tehama Counties1
02-3e7604I-5 improvement at Calif. 96 exit3
02-3e8104I-5 resurfacing in Red Bluff6
02-3e8204Calif. 299 shoulder improvement near Helena1
02-3e9904Calif. 44 pavement maintenance near Redding4
02-4c4014I-5 widening in Redding16
02-4e2404Calif. 299 resurfacing near Cedarville1
02-4e3804Calif. 151 resurfacing in Shasta Lake City1
02-4e4804Calif. 89 traffic signal at McCloud1
03-0a5804Calif. 20 and Calif. 70 realignment in Marysville33
03-0e9304Calif. 70 widening in Butte Co.8
03-0f0004Calif. 20 intersection in Nevada County3
03-0f0104Calif. 267 minor widening near Truckee1
03-0f6204I-5 landscaping near Dunnigan rest area2
03-1a4644Calif. 99 interchange construction at Calif. 11329
03-1f0204Calif. 20 traffic signal in Sutter3
03-1f1804I-5 widening near Sacramento5
03-2a9204Calif. 89 reconstruction near Tahoe City6
03-3797u4I-80 median widening in Sacramento66
03-3a0424Calif. 99 widening in Chico3
03-3e6304Calif. 49 shoulder improvement in El Dorado2
03-3e8904Calif. 70 ramp improvement in Olivehurst2
03-3e9104Calif. 32 intersection improvement in Chico2
03-406604Calif. 99 interchange modification in Sutter Co.15
03-4e9904Calif. 99 signal near Chico3
03-4m3504I-80 and Calif. 65 ramp modification near Roseville1
04-0120m4I-80 Bay Bridge Oakland touchdown2
04-0120t4I-80 Bay Bridge roadway on Yerba Buena Island1
04-0a8304Calif. 152 and Calif. 156 grade separation7
04-0g1304Calif. 82 signal installation in Mountain View1
04-0g9604Calif. 238 traffic signal in Fremont1
04-151134Ramp metering on I-580 and I-238 in Alameda County3
04-153504I-80 widening in Fairfield1
04-1a3204I-580 cold planing on south approach to Richmond-San Rafael Bridge7
04-1a6824I-880 repaving in Oakland5
04-1g3104I-80 resurfacing in Oakland and Berkeley3
04-235634US 101 resurfacing near Calif. 84 interchange5
04-235644US 101 rehabilitation in Palo Alto1
04-264044US 101 interchange in Petaluma4
04-264064US 101 widening in Novato25
04-264134Calif. 12 widening in Napa County1
04-264144Calif. 12 widening in Napa County1
04-292264I-80 bicycle path near Bay Bridge2
04-292274I-80 Bay Bridge bike path in Oakland1
04-2g5904District 4 isolated sign replacements3
04-2r9904Calif. 13 resurfacing in Berkeley4
04-3a23u4US 101 interchange modifications in Windsor5
04-3a5304I-580 weigh station update in Livermore1
04-3a7774I-80 VMS installation and sign structure modification in Oakland1
04-439704I-880 and Calif. 237 HOV direct connector12
04-4a07u4I-580 widening in Livermore2
04-4a3204US 101 guardrail repair in San Mateo County9
04-4a3414Calif. 13 sign replacement in Oakland4
04-4s6404US 101 slope repair near Cotati1
05-0m7504Calif. 1 resurfacing in Watsonville16
05-0r7504Calif. 246 roundabout near Lompoc1
05-315804US 101 interchange construction at Prunedale3
05-330774Calif. 46 widening near Paso Robles2
05-445904US 101 median widening in Santa Maria9
05-463804US 101 interchange construction near Orcutt11
06-0c4904Calif. 99 bridge replacement in Tulare1
06-0e0604Calif. 65 intersection modification near Bakersfield1
06-0f0004Calif. 198 ramp revision in Visalia2
06-0g2704Calif. 58 shoulder modification near Mojave3
06-0g8304Calif. 99 widening in Bakersfield1
06-0h8304Calif. 184 traffic signal in Lamont1
06-0j0504Calif. 43 intersection improvement near Hanford1
06-0j3504Calif. 223 intersection in Arvin1
06-0m9004Calif. 43 traffic signal modification in Hanford1
06-360214Calif. 99 widening and resurfacing near Goshen13
06-442624Calif. 99 widening near Fresno14
06-471004Calif. 99 interchange modification near Madera17
07-1218w4I-5 widening and realignment in Burbank64
07-127274Calif. 138 widening in Llano2
07-202114I-710 reconstruction in Los Angeles32
07-215914I-5 widening in Santa Fe Springs2
07-215934I-5 widening in Santa Fe Springs and Norwalk25
07-215944I-5 widening in Norwalk22
07-2159c4I-5 Carmenita Road interchange in Los Angeles3
07-2332a4I-5 minor widening near Newhall Interchange10
07-241304I-405 reconditioning in Los Angeles5
07-260104Calif. 91 to I-710 connector railing replacement1
07-260704US 101 widening in Carpinteria8
07-4y4004I-5 Grapevine signs replacement4
07-4y4604Los Angeles County sign replacements12
07-4y6904I-405 sign replacement in Los Angeles3
07-4y7104US 101 sign replacement near Oxnard1
08-0c1214US 395 shoulder widening near Adelanto1
08-0c7424Calif. 91 and I-210 signs replacement21
08-0c7434Calif. 60 and Calif. 71 sign replacement in District 815
08-0l0404Calif. 60 interchange signals work in Ontario1
08-0m3504I-10 concrete grinding in Colton4
08-0m4004I-215 and Palm Ave. signals in San Bernardino1
08-0m6504Calif. 91 bridge repairs in Corona2
08-0m94u4I-215 widening in Riverside and Colton51
08-0p1204I-15 and I-40 resurfacing in San Bernardino Co.2
08-0p1304I-15 bridge deck overlays near Baker1
08-0p1404I-10 bridge deck overlays in Coachella Valley1
08-0p2104I-15 bridge work from Barstow to Baker3
08-0p3704Digouts at various locations in Chino2
08-0p7204I-10 concrete grinding in Banning7
08-0p7304US 395 pavement repair in Adelanto1
08-0p7504Methylacrylate treatment of various bridges in District 85
08-384344I-10 resurfacing between I-15 and I-2153
08-448404Calif. 91 HOV lane construction in Riverside73
08-455704I-10 Indian Canyon Drive interchange in Palm Springs6
08-455804I-10 Palm Drive interchange in Palm Springs1
08-455904I-10 Date Palm Drive interchange in Cathedral City1
08-472224I-15 rehabilitation in Rancho Cucamonga27
09-237704US 395 resurfacing and shoulder upgrade near Topaz9
09-334004US 395 point of interest signing in Inyo Co.1
09-338104Calif. 270 pavement preservation near Bodie ghost town2
09-341304Calif. 120 Mono Co. gate signing4
09-342504US 395 shoulders and rumble strips near Bridgeport4
09-350104Calif. 158 resurfacing in June Lake1
09-352604US 6 shoulder improvement in Chalfant1
09-352704Calif. 203 guardrail work in Mammoth Lakes1
10-0a6714Calif. 99 ramp improvements in Modesto7
10-0a8404Calif. 12 resurfacing in Terminous1
10-0a8724Calif. 219 reconstruction near Modesto4
10-0e6114Calif. 99 rehabilitation in Manteca33
10-0e6124Calif. 99 reconstruction between Manteca and Stockton22
10-0e6134Calif. 99 Lathrop Rd. interchange in Manteca30
10-0e9304Calif. 26 widening to five lanes near Stockton1
10-0m7804I-5 resurfacing in Stockton17
10-0p1604Calif. 120 minor widening near Yosemite Junction1
10-0q6104Calif. 49 widening near Mariposa1
10-0s1904I-5 weigh station near Santa Nella1
10-0s7904Calif. 132 turn lane improvement near Modesto1
10-0u6804Calif. 88 retaining wall construction near Pine Grove1
10-0v5604Calif. 99 bridge-mounted sign near Lodi1
10-264444Calif. 88 resurfacing in Amador County1
10-2a4204Calif. 26 relocation in Calaveras County3
10-340424Calif. 108 relocation in Sonora5
10-3a1004Calif. 99 widening in Stockton16
10-415704Calif. 99 rehabilitation near Merced10
10-415804Calif. 99 freeway upgrade near Chowchilla8
10-481004Calif. 99 resurfacing and shoulder work in Merced5
11-091834I-905 and I-805 interchange in San Diego3
11-257144I-15 and Calif. 76 interchange modification near Pala Mesa6
11-262004Calif. 75 resurfacing in Imperial Beach1
11-266104I-8 resurfacing in Devils Canyon2
11-291704San Diego area freeway guide sign replacement13
11-293104Calif. 78 ramp improvement in San Diego4
11-294504Calif. 78 traffic barrier in Oceanside2
11-294604Calif. 125 ramp widening near Lemon Grove1
11-296714Calif. 75 driveway repairs in San Diego2
11-2976u4I-5 crossings refurbishment in National City2
11-297804Calif. 76 intersection improvement near Pauma Valley1
11-2m2104Calif. 78 resurfacing in Imperial County1
11-2t0954I-15 managed lanes transit access station in San Diego20
11-2t1804I-805 HOV lane upgrade in National City and San Diego2
11-2t1814I-805 and Calif. 54 HOV lane expansion in Chula Vista and National City5
11-401804I-5 Camp Pendleton exit ramp revision2
11-401904I-5 ramp revision in Encinitas1
12-0c9704Calif. 91 bridge wingwall repairs in Fullerton1
12-0e0304I-5 resurfacing in southern Orange County1
12-0e3104I-5 and Calif. 74 diamond-to-parclo conversion7
12-0g3304Calif. 91 widening in Anaheim19
12-0g9604Calif. 55 widening in Santa Ana4
12-0g9904I-5 widening in Irvine and Tustin3
12-0h0294Calif. 91 rehabilitation in Buena Park1
12-0l0804Calif. 39 resurfacing in Huntington Beach1
12-0m1304I-405 Culver Drive ramp widening in Irvine2
12-0m2204Calif. 57 ADA curb ramps in Anaheim1
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Re: Caltrans interesting contract advertisements
« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2013, 01:22:49 PM »

Thread exhumation:  the following is a list of Caltrans contracts found with pattern-accurate signing sheets in the almost ten months between September 10, 2012 (date of last post) and today:

Contract NumberDescription of workNo. pattern-accurate sign design sheets
01-0c5104District 1 curve resurfacing3
01-423704Calif. 299 minor widening in Humboldt Co.3
01-475024Calif. 254 superelevation correction near Myers Flat1
02-1e1104I-5 curve improvement near Shasta Lake1
02-2e2704I-5 shoulder and ramp resurfacing near Dunsmuir1
02-2e3504Calif. 299 realignment near Salyer1
02-2e6204Calif. 36 realignment in Tehama County1
02-3e6304District 2 bridge maintenance1
02-3e7104Calif. 36 realignment in Trinity County1
02-4c5804Calif. 99 resurfacing and urbanization in Los Molinos6
02-4e3404Calif. 147 realignment in Lassen County1
02-4e5604Bridge maintenance in District 11
03-0f2304US 50 Camellia Viaduct rebuild in Sacramento7
03-0f6504US 50 cross-traffic warning VMS near Placerville1
03-1a7324US 50 minor widening in South Lake Tahoe9
03-1a8444Calif. 89 repaving north of South Lake Tahoe5
03-3e6204Calif. 99 bridge replacement near Chico8
03-3e8504Calif. 162 traffic signal in Oroville1
03-3f0304I-80 sign replacement near Truckee3
03-3f2404I-80 and Calif. 49 sign replacement in Auburn and Rocklin32
03-3m5804Calif. 99 resurfacing near Chico1
04-0a0904I-80 ramp revision in Vacaville1
04-0a1854US 101 interchange revision in Petaluma12
04-0g1704Calif. 1 signal in Half Moon Bay1
04-1g5604I-880 median barrier replacement in Oakland1
04-2e6904Deck repairs on various routes in District 4 North1
04-4s0004US 101 slope repair in Larkspur1
05-0p6504Calif. 9 slope rectification and bicycle safety improvements near Santa Cruz1
05-0q4204Calif. 166 signal at Russell Ave. in Santa Maria1
06-0g8404Calif. 99 median paving in Bakersfield5
06-0k3904Calif. 58 bridge replacement near Tehachapi8
06-0m9904Calif. 168 interchange signal in Clovis4
06-342524Calif. 180 widening east of Fresno3
06-430704Calif. 216 signal improvement in Visalia4
07-1w2004District 7 sign refurbishment18
07-1w2704Approach slab repairs in Ventura County1
07-1w2904District 7 bridge identification sign replacement2
07-266104Calif. 134 bridge railing work in Los Angeles3
07-274504I-5 bridge railing work in Los Angeles1
07-293904Calif. 60 Paramount Blvd. overcrossing2
07-4t5804I-210 Mountain Street flashing yellow installation1
08-0e1604Calif. 38 street work in Redlands1
08-0e5704District 8 guardrail work2
08-0g8404I-15 rest area refurbishment near Barstow1
08-0k2604I-40 resurfacing near Arizona state line2
08-0k2704I-40 resurfacing near Arizona state line4
08-0m8804I-15 minor ramp work near Rialto1
08-0n9104Calif. 62 left turn lane in Desert Hot Springs1
08-0p3804Calif. 83 and Calif. 210 minor resurfacing in Redlands etc.2
08-0q6504Calif. 18 bridge rehabilitations1
08-0r6404I-10 Coachella Valley bridges rehabilitation3
08-0r6604Bridge rehabilitations in and near Riverside1
08-1a2504I-40 ditch repair in Barstow1
08-368504I-15 port of entry at Nevada state line14
10-0g8004Calif. 12 traffic signal near Terminous1
10-0n1804Calif. 132 at Bentley Street in Waterford1
10-0t1404Calif. 49 resurfacing in Martell1
10-0t1604Calif. 26 bridge replacement near Bellota1
11-056324Calif. 11 extension partway toward a new border crossing5
11-2t1824I-805 HOV direct connector in San Diego7
11-401404Miscellaneous ramp refurbishments in District 111
11-402804Calif. 52 resurfacing at Convoy Street interchange1
12-0c5704Calif. 91 ramp widening in Anaheim and Fullerton44
12-0h9504Calif. 55 resurfacing in Orange1
12-0j4804I-605 ramp modification in Los Alamitos2
12-0k5304Calif. 91 overlay in Anaheim1
12-0l7504Calif. 91 Orangethorpe Avenue ramp widening1
12-0l8704I-5 lighting modification in Orange County3

This list includes several contracts which were advertised a few years ago, as part of Caltrans' initial experiment with PDF plans sets, but which I had not previously collected since I did not have competent downloading scripts at the time.  Caltrans has also rebranded the /project_ads_addenda/ folder on its Web server as a "Project Archive," and has recently uploaded plans for several projects which I don't think were made available online at the time of original advertisement, such as 04-012024 (the Bay Bridge east span viaduct contract) and 11-010734 (the two miles of SR 125 from Navajo Road to Grossmont College Drive).
"It is necessary to spend a hundred lire now to save a thousand lire later."--Piero Puricelli, explaining the need for a first-class road system to Benito Mussolini


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