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This bridge as I’ve seen plenty living in New Jersey, always fascinated me how the span over the SB lanes of US 202 & 206 is much longer than the NB lanes.  Of course you can see the roadway is wider on the SB side than the NB travel lanes, hence its design.

You don’t see overpasses built this way often to accommodate merge lanes or exit lanes to differentiate the travel lanes to vcreate a custom made overpass. Underpasses yes, but not overpasses and one like this to stand out.

I always thought this overpass on the Berkshire Connector was strange due to it both going uphill and being at an extreme angle.

Max Rockatansky:
I know this thread is more accurately titled but I’m getting tolbs “fancy bridges” flashbacks.

Stephane Dumas:
In Quebec we got 2 arched overpass; one on A-15 at Ste-Adèle and on PQ-175 at Stoneham.

I've always thought this was a little different.  The bridge itself isn't too special, but the location is.  It shows just how much of a cut the Ohio Turnpike required on the east slope of the Cuyahoga River valley.  You can see this from a fair distance traveling eastbound.


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