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Ghost Towns/Ruins?

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Pecos, TX.

Also many other towns in west Texas.


--- Quote ---Pecos, TX.

Also many other towns in west Texas.
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Pecos, Tx isn't a ghost town

been to Bodie CA it is a state park lots of buildings is cool

I've canoed to the site of Flagstaff Maine, photographed where I believed historic ME-149 used to end, and stood on what was either old 149's pavement or a side road's, under about 2 feet of water. I have a couple photos of the obvious bits of old route 16 that are still in service (from Stratton to the campsites along the south shore of the Flagstaff Lake's west end, and Long Falls Dam Rd, going south from the east end to New Portland). But what I really wanna capture is the abandoned roadway creeping into and out of the shallows, still slightly visible in the marshes. cutting overgrown thru isolated spits of land.


--- Quote from: Marc on August 19, 2009, 02:24:49 AM ---Pecos, TX.

Also many other towns in west Texas.

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Pecos is a relatively significant town in western Texas with nearly 10,000 inhabitants. It's the last major town along I-20 before you merge onto I-10. Not exactly a ghost town.


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