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What are they doing at Broadway? The alignment doesn't seem to line up with the planning documents online, which also show a realigned Aviation Pkwy.

Obviously I'm assuming that they decided against an overpass using the existing terrain elements from the original AZ 210 ideas, but it would have been nice for 210 to have a more unobstructed path towards meeting I-10.

The only thing I was noticing in the flyovers was that, on the south side of Broadway, it didn't seem like any work was occurring. As though they were going to leave that side of the intersection alone, and design the northern side so that through traffic had to make an odd curve. Since it was originally designed as a SPUI. But it could simply be that they haven't started work over there yet. The planning documents online from six ish years ago suggested the elimination of the SPUI design in favor of a regular arterial with a median being built in the median of the existing split part of Aviation Pkwy (where the SPUI would have gone).

Drove down Broadway in Tucson last weekend and saw the completed widened stretch of Broadway between Country Club and Euclid. It appears the city went to great lengths to minimize the amount of homes and businesses they had to tear down, as the road weaves quite a bit. In some spots, the median is rather narrow.

Downtown Links is also well underway. From the looks of it they aren't going to redo the half SPUI ramps at Barraza-Aviation Parkway; the extension ties in to their current alignment and narrows down to a normal street width.

Just saw a link to story regarding the possible partial opening of Downtown Links sometime in 2023:


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